Welcome to our Gamified  Exhibit Hall!

In this Demo, Conference Attendees have  access to a Score Card which tracks the specific Sponsor Virtual booths they have visited.

Give it a try! Click each Booth to visit the Sponsor’s Booth Page, and then click “My Score Card” in the top navigation menu to see the “Booth Visit” points you’ve earned!

As Attendees can earn one Visit point per Booth each day, this feature incentivizes them to keep coming back again and again. Let the games begin! Add this feature to your Virtual Exhibit Hall this season!

Booth A

Booth B

Booth C

Booth D

Booth E

Additional features

Tracking, Leaderboards & Certificates

Designed to maximize Attendee Fun.

Online Communities

Social Media Login Integration, Groups, Notifications, Activity Feeds, Automatic Drip Email Sends and Customizable Privacy Settings.

Document Download Libraries

Invite your Attendees to Bookmark resources and download documents.

Networking Galore

Connection requests, private messaging and business card exchanges.

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We’ll share our strategies to maximize engagement and ROI for sponsors at your Virtual Event.